Des Moines Private Investigations – Uncovering Truth with Professional Expertise

Des Moines Private Investigations – Uncovering Truth with Professional Expertise

Specializing in custody cases, our use of advanced technology, such as mobile and static surveillance, along with state-of-the-art imaging equipment, is pivotal for collecting thorough and precise evidence.

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With 30+ years in Skip Tracing, we find individuals globally. Expertise in all 50 states, Japan, and Mexico. Need large equipment located? We’ve got that covered too.

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Our Criminal Defense Assistance team offers comprehensive services, including background checks, forensics, surveillance, and expert testimony. Former law enforcement and military professionals ensure top-tier defense.

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Locating missing persons is a crucial and sensitive task that often requires specialized skills and resources. We have located minor children for both DHS and the Iowa Child Protection Agency.

Ireland Investigations

Currently, Ireland Investigations is one of the most successful agencies in Iowa. They have six licensed investigators and five process servicers. Their combined talent makes them one of the most diverse agencies around.

Mr. Ireland currently serves as the Vice President of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators.

“I feel like it is my mission to change the perception of how law firms perceive a private investigations agency. We do not kick in doors to serve subpoenas, we are not Dog the Bounty Hunter and none of us at the agency own a red Ferrari”.
-Kip Ireland

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We understand that your need for investigative services is unique and sensitive. Whether you require assistance with surveillance, skip tracing, or other investigative services, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

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