Mr. Ireland grew up as a military brat. He and his family moved around a lot, like all military families do. Kip received his bachelor’s degree from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. Shortly after that, he and his wife moved to Iowa. They have two children and a very handsome grandson.

Kip started a medical insurance billing business in 1999 where he spent the majority of his time skip tracing patients who owed money to his clients. In 2008 he added a collection agency and a repo service to that business. He sold his business because he saw a need for a reliable person to do surveillance. Mr. Ireland became licensed as a private investigator and started Ireland Investigations, LLC in 2014 through the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Currently, Ireland Investigations is one of the most successful agencies in Iowa. They have six licensed investigators and five process servicers. Their combined talent makes them one of the most diverse agencies around.

Mr. Ireland currently serves as the Vice President of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators.

I feel like it is my mission to change the perception of how law firms perceive a private investigations agency”, Kip says. “We do not kick in doors to serve subpoenas, we are not Dog the Bounty Hunter and none of us at the agency own a red Ferrari”.